November 29, 2010


the bus to Empalme

Evan has been head down in our bilge—turning the ex-water tank into storage, while I’ve been sending off stories and drumming up new work. Maia’s been content—working on writing a biography about an explorer who got lost and sorting through her toy cupboard for things to donate. But I can’t say that any of us have been having fun per se…

We treat the dock days in our cruising life as work days. If we’re going to spend money for the convenience of being in a marina we try to get as much done as we possibly can-which means that unless there are other kids on the dock, Maia doesn’t get much play time.
 But not only are we off the dock now, but a new boat with two little girls arrived. We had heard about Endurance from our friends on Savannah—and when we saw a new boat enter the anchorage on Thanksgiving morning, I think Maia may have decided her Thanksgiving dreams had come true.
Maia, Trinidad and Sammy perform Pippi Longstocking
 Three kids manage to find fun without any help from adults and after getting to know each other over a shared bottle of whipped cream at the potluck—they planned a week’s worth of activity. There would be a theatre production, a sleepover, a visit to the midway that has taken up residence on shore, some exploring and a whole lot of just plain play.
Those old metal slides get hot in the sun--but the old playgrounds still have plenty of merit

Giggles are contagious. 
And happily the three cheery little girls didn’t think three big playmates would spoil their adventurous fun. So for a few days we put down the tools, ignored the to-do lists, averted our eyes from any messes and played.

And played.

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Love days filled with play; makes hearts sing...