March 25, 2006

I'm painting, I'm painting

Finally the inside cabin seam fairing is ended (for now). I've got a coat of primer and paint on most of the inside of the cabin bulkheads and sides. Looks pretty good but needs 1 more finish coat. I wasn't trying for a smmmmooooth inside finish. I believe in honesty in my materials or "you can see the fiberglass weave". It's not that I'm lazy, nope, it's a design philosophy.

You can still see the foam core because there is no outside paint on the deck. The places that are missing paint are where other things will be bonded to them. No sense in painting something just to sand it all off...

I've been getting a lot of suggestions for the construction of the interior furniture. I'm using surplus carbon skin/Nomex honeycomb cored panels. My mistake was thinking of them as the same as bits of plywood - but they're not. If you think about removing the inside skin at corners you can bend them into all sorts of nice shapes in one go. Eliminates a ton of work (I hope). I just have to figure out how to do a few of the other joints. Suggestions are welcome - see the pictures below.

March 15, 2006

Fairing, fairing, and more fairing. Just about done though. Probably I'll paint the roof this weekend with at least 1 coat of primer.

Here's a picture of our new dinghy that I am designing for the website. It's also going to be our dinghy - 10' long, 15 HP, room for 4 real adults (and 1 Maia)

New GV10 dinghy (G V means "Garvey style , V-bottom)