November 24, 2005

Ceilydh's Particulars and other stuff that boat owners might find interesting

Length Overall 40'
Beam 23'
Draft about 2'4" with daggerboards up, about 5' - 6' when down
(haven't got around to checking)
Weight 4 tonnes (empty)
Displacement ~6 tonnes (full up)
Sail Area 877 square feet (main + genoa)
Rig traditional cutter

Water 2 x 40 gallons
Fuel 1 x 27 gallons diesel, 1 x 6 gallons gas

Motors Yanmar 3GM30, 27 HP diesel in port hull
17" Autostream 3 bladed feathering prop
Yamaha 9.9 High Thrust 4 stroke outboard against the starboard hull on the aft beam (the docking motor/auxiliary auxiliary motor)
Motoring speed ~5 knots with one Yamaha 9.9,
~7.5 knots when we had two of them,
probably about 7+ knots with the Yanmar but only had it running once back from the shipyard and the pitch was wrong (4 knots @ 1000 RPM)

Sailing Speed quite quick. Top speed reaching so far is 15.4 knots but have hit 11 knots
very often. Faster than typical condo cats :)

Anchors 33# Aluminum spade, 22# Danforth, Fortress FX-37
Rode 5/16" chain x 80-100' + 5/8" double braid on the primary anchor. Still trying to decide how little chain I can get away with for South Pacific cruising

November 19, 2005

It's been a busy weekend. Diane and Maia are visiting cousins, great-grandmother, aunt, and grandmother on Vancouver Island. That leaves me free to stay up late, work extra hours on the boat, and make some progress.

So... the deck over the hulls has been cut away on both sides now and it appears super roomy (until all the main saloon furnishing go in). All the inside seam taping is just about done. Tomorrow will finish it off. Then I either start bogging the inside seams or build a nice carbon fiber transverse beam across the saloon roof. Probably do the beam first since it will cover up some areas that will otherwise be bogged.

The inside finish of the saloon will be painted in a mat or satin white paint (no lining like "gerbil fur" carpeting). This saves weight & cost and is simple but it does mean a bit more fairing. Having a non-glossy paint hides a lot more than the exterior, which will be glossy like shiny new car glossy.

I've got one little damp spot that keeps coming back - I suspect a pinhole leak from the gutter just aft of the aft cabin bulkhead. Will try to isolate the source with some water and food colouring tomorrow.

N.B. A Saloon is the part of the boat where you go to sit down, have a few too many drinks, smoke and generally misbehave. A Salon is where women go to get there hair done. There ain't one on a boat.

- Evan

November 13, 2005

A badly done composite image of the starboard hull. I hate digital cameras that have a 38mm equivalent "wide angle" lens.

The deck above the hull, inside the cabin, has been cut away so you can see down into the hull rather well. This won't last forever as there will be a refrigerator forward and a chart table midships that will block the view. There will still be 9' of headroom in the hull under the cutout though!

Lots of nasty grinding to smooth out the join between deck and cabin side. After I took this shot I spent about 1/2 hour vacuuming the dust.

I have about 1 gallon or less epoxy left, from my original 55 gallon drum + 15 gallons of hardener. Time to order some more!