September 15, 2005

We are at the stage where nothing dramatic will happen for a while. The windows will go in over the next week or so, then a door, then it will be time to sand and fair - again and again. I guess we will just work away at it then suddenly it will be time to rebuild the interior, and sew curtains. I like making curtains. We did buy the oven though! I've told Evan he is now formally banned from ebay until we rebuild our savings. He has to use up/install everything else he bought first.

I have a story out in the September Pacific Yachting which is nice to look at when the work gets me down and I would rather be sailing. It all has a purpose.

September 7, 2005

The taping of external seams on the cabin is going well. All of them are done with the exception of the new little overhanging lip I added above the cabin door. Last rainfall only dumped a few cups of water in the boat, probably through one window.

This coming weekend we'll visit the boat with some black construction paper and try to finalize the shape of the side windows. I'm looking forward to putting in the windows (using a high tech silicone glazing material without screws) and a door, making the boat watertight for winter.

Then it will be time to fair the external seams a bit before painting the outside of the cabin. Hope to get it done before fall rains hit in earnest.