October 26, 2007


It feels pretty good to be able to say that. The cabin is now painted (though I will admit a bit of black paint is going onto the windows to hide the caulking but that can come later...

It looks very nice up close. All shiny and white and glossy.

I've also started interior painting. This chart table has just a coat of primer but it's better than all black carbon fiter.

October 14, 2007

So, in the future, if we say we plan to paint the boat, slap us. Seriously, you have our permission. Painting a 40' catamaran is not easy. We started off with the goal of glossy beauty and have reduced our expectations to a work-boat finish.

I can hear you snorting. I know, you've painted your living room, maybe a bathroom. "How hard can a boat be?" You ask. Well - boats are all curvy, and they have crap all over them, and you can only paint them when the weather is good, and if its not to windy. And even then bugs have a tendency to hurl themselves at the wet paint, and big boats go by just as you hit the tricky bits.
It's hard I say with a long whinge - really hard.