August 27, 2016

Chilling in Tobago

We've seen four green flashes here and counting
 You know that life has reached its mellow zenith when the biggest question of the day is, ‘what day is it, exactly?’  Followed by, ‘what day is tomorrow?’ Yes, this was a real conversation—I won’t out the person (Neil)  who had to have both today and tomorrow clarified within a one hour period because that would be mean. Normally we just ask about one or the other.

It’s easy here.
Lucille saw us walking past and called us in for breakfast of saltfish and local veggies
 We’ve spent more than a month in Tobago—but it only feels like a week. The clue it’s been longer is the fact the entire village of Charlotteville seems to know us now—and we know most of them. We know who to get fish from and who to ask for lobster, or limes, or avocado or bread. We’ve memorized the bus schedule and can recognize each fishing boat by its hull art.
local fishing boats go out in the morning to fish and transport tourists to remote beaches in the afternoon
 We have a gentle routine which includes paid work, boat chores, reading, napping and an afternoon swim and sun downers.  There’s a weekly beach BBQ (and Irwin is helpful in getting us a breadfruit to BBQ while Mark gifted us a gorgeous fish.) There are boats here from France, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, the US, Australia and South America. Beach time contains a range of accents, languages and ideas.
Joe and his nephew Mark are two of our favorite fishermen
 It’s easy to do nothing but plan what to cook with the abundant fresh food and watch the parrots cavort in the trees over the beach, the pelicans dive on schooling fish and the local kids play in the water. 
Maurice runs the sole tourist stand in Charlotteville
 It’s easy just to be in the moment and forget to record it. Our camera has been tucked away, I haven’t been writing.  We’re just living simply, simply living. Maybe catching our breath before we set off again. Maybe letting the last two years of experiences take root and take hold.
Maybe just taking it easy.