November 2, 2010

Halloween Redux

Diana--goddess of the hunt
As it turns out, Maia had a great time. The boats in the anchorage and marina discovered there was a wee trick-or-treater in residence and all did a good job cooperating with candy. Except one. When we (Ev & Maia--Di's still away and deeply jealous) knocked on their hull and explained our mission, they were pretty pissy saying they knew nothing about Halloween and didn't have anything to give. Maia didn't care because she had already done very well--and every Halloween requires at least one curmudgeon to make it complete.

Later we headed over to the church area, where the Day of the Dead festival was underway. I forgot the camera. Big ooops because it was very photogenic. Earlier in the week we'd passed a little art gallery where we noticed a welder welding up the steel armature for a giant skeleton. He beckoned us in for a look see. The finished skeletons were about 12 or 15' high. The covering (bones, skull etc) were all paper mache on a very big scale.

Now they were erected in the square. And there were Halloween movies for the kids (who were all in costume), live singers, snack stalls (of course), artists, giant skulls, and best of all, personal shrines to people's dead relatives. My favorite was a black and white photo of somebody who looked like Pancho Villa's dad. It was surrounded by two toy air rifles, a bottle of tequila, crosses, and cowboy boots. Very cool, very Mexican.

So in short Maia had a great time and didn't feel like she missed a thing. And she may have even gained something--aside from a very, very big bag of chocolate.

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Red Charlotte said...

It takes one total grouch to make you enjoy the other nice people out there. Glad she had a great time!