August 3, 2009

Take 2

It was 14-years-ago that Ev and I were doing our first shakedown on little Ceilydh in preparation for heading south to Mexico. It seems a bit like deja-vu as we anchor in these same islands, thinking the same southerly thoughts, saying goodbye to many of the same people.
The difference is in the years that have past: The Coral years.
When we headed south last time we left later in September than we should have. We got pasted in a storm that rocked our confidence and made us want to quit. So we slunk our way into the first safe harbour on the Washington coast. While there we met the crew of the Running Shoe – Dee and Stew. Dee talked us through our fears and became one of those friends that will last a lifetime. A few months later, in Mexico, her daughter Coral was born.
Kids mark time for us. I think it would be really easy to ignore the fact we’re getting older – if it weren’t for these magical creatures who grow from sweet bundles to long legged beauties in what seems like too few years. Coral’s first year was spent in the Sea of Cortez – her solemn eyes watching as friendships formed over long slow days in the sun.
More kids have come along since Coral but she is still the reminder of the miles we’ve sailed and the distances we’ve come.
Another post-mexico reunion this time with the off-spring of Chris and May (Klee-Wyck)


boatbaby said...

Who's that guy standing next to you in that second photo? Cute young thing, you should find him again too

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Cute, eh?!
I'm going to look for him in Mexico...