July 29, 2009

Sarah wants to meet a sailor.

As a bit of an aside - our friend Sarah came sailing for the first time and loved it. She's single and would now like to meet a sailor. She'd prefer one in New York.
Leave her a message in comments if you'd like to take her sailing.
And be nice - this is a family blog.


Unknown said...

Sarah should look into the Focus on sailing program at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club in Greenwich, CT.

It is a good way for new sailors to learn and get into the sport and the club is 45 minutes from grand Central via express train. Many of the FOS members and younger members come up from Manhattan.

While most of the FOS program is centered on use of the Club's fleet of Ideal 18s, there are many opportunities for FOS members to learn to race and cruise on big boats. http://www.indianharboryc.com/intraclub/query/catquery.html?doc_number=726

The contact is John Bainton, the IHYC Director of Sailing. sailing@indianharboryc.com, a 30-something sailor who was recently named saioor-of-the week by US Sailing. http://www.indianharboryc.com/intraclub/query/catquery.html?doc_number=888

Dan said...

If Sarah comes out to the NW again, I would be happy to take her sailing and show her around the Seattle area.

boatbaby said...

Way to pimp out your friend for blog traffic.

Brett said...

I'm 42, and airline pilot with United Airlines (hopefully not much longer) and I live in Fredericksburg, VA (near DC) and sail a lot on the Chesapeake. If Sarah ever wants to come sail down here I would love to meet her and take her for a sail. My blog is http://libertysvoyage.blogspot.com/ if you want to see a little more about me.