August 4, 2009

Homeless? or Cruiser?

Evan and I discovered a new land-based game to play, we call it: Cruiser? Or Homeless Person?
Before you decide that I’m a horrible, thoughtless person who has no sympathy for folks who are down on their luck, I have to explain something: It’s really common for cruisers to let themselves go.

By the time we got back from our last trip the t-shirts and shorts we started out with were pretty much rags. Evan had a buttoned-up shirt he had once worn at work, which on our return was missing buttons and had holes in it, but he still insisted in calling it his “good shirt”.
We got some of our boat parts out of dumpsters.
I cut Evan’s hair myself and even let him cut mine on occasion (shudder).

The thing is when the decline is gradual and everyone looks just like you, you tend not to notice if you’re a bit unkempt and out of fashion. Who cares if you wander around town wafting the smell of the underwashed, in threadbare clothes, with a bag of garbage in one hand (while you look for an unlocked dumpster), a bag of dirty laundry slung over your shoulder and a couple of random boat parts stuck under your arm. If you can find an unattended shopping cart to help you with your load, you’re off to the races.

Seriously. Homeless Person? Or Cruiser?
Only the shoes really give it away.


Unknown said...

Ha! Everything is relative and depends on where you are coming from. If people choose to label you for what you wear or don't wear then they are missing the point! Cruise on.

Positively Orphaned said...

Hysterical! That has been us. Somebody actually told us we looked like refugees.