August 5, 2009

Cats Can Swim

Cats can swim.
But they don't like to.
Most do everything they can to avoid it.
But occasionally a cruising cat will fall overboard. Travis the cat fell in about 35 times before we stopped counting.
So far Charlie hasn't even gone near the edge. But we know that on some dark night a flying fish or a giant moth will lure him overboard.
We want him to know how to rescue himself when the time comes.
And while this may just look like a fun thing to do to a cat, it's really for his own good.


boatbaby said...

oh no you didn't. Give Charlie a hug for me, poor thing. I know it's for his own safety and all but geez -- didn't you have to photograph it? Can't the cat have a shred of dignity left? What will all of the dogs say? They'll be laughing their tales off while they dog paddle in circles around him that's what.

Heather Lochner said...

We have tried to teach Solstice to swim back to the boat when he falls in the water. After five years of life with puppy, we have yet to succeed. He swims away from us, the boat or the dock. Silly dog. Cute but silly.

Sarah said...

Serves that cat right.