March 14, 2011

A Crew of (Way More Than) Three

Stew--helping with the diesel
Sometime in the next couple of weeks (we’re refusing to pin down a date yet because we’ve had a one-step-forward-two-back type of week…) Evan, Maia and I will take off on our biggest adventure to date. I imagine that casting off the dock lines on that day (whenever the heck it might be…) will feel like the culmination of something huge. The three of us have worked hard. Especially Maia, according to Maia. She did extra dishes and sweeping this week.

But the thing is, while we’ve worked hard for our dream, so have our friends and family. When I think about all the hours other people have put into our life—all the shopping they’ve done (thanks parents!!), all the banking and mail managing (thanks Sis!!), all the advice from those who have gone before (Behan, Karen, Naomi, Susan, Steph, Chris…), all the hours poured into our boat (Mark, Ken, Stew, Jamie, Don, Tyler, Robin, Leighton…), all the kid wrangling (Meri, Tammy, Wendy, Andrea, Ann, Kelly, Lynne, Cheryl…) meals served (too many to even begin to thank), all the dreams and ideas shared over wine (ditto)—it’s really humbling.

It might just be us three out there, physically, but we are so blessed to carry so many amazing friends along for the ride—in our hearts and memories. It’s going to be busy over the next week or two leading up to leaving (just don’t ask us when that will be…) because the list keeps growing (thanks, Stew for noticing the engine is out of alignment...)

But we don’t want to miss saying thanks. So thanks.
Dreams shared are dreams realized. And the power of friendship is an amazing thing.


Amanda said...

So exciting that you're finally casting off the dock lines. You brave and courageous people! Now go have an adventure. You are seizing life by the "meatballs" and I'm so excited to read about it.

hyo-jung said...

Long time no see! I am just writing to say I have been thinking about you and finally checked your blog to see what's up. Hard to believe it has been a year, exactly, for us. I can feel the energy!

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Hyo!! You are on my 'once I'm sailing to the South Pacific and have a sec' letter writing list! I want to hear updates!

Behan said...

I remember, this time last year, how the Ceilydh crew was such an integral part of getting team Totem to take off across the Pacific. Truly, it takes a floating village!! Proud to be a member of Team Ceilydh. :-) xoxo