March 17, 2011

Got the T-shirt

Today we said goodbye to Savannah and Java as they headed out toward the South Pacific. At almost the same time we heard from our friends on Adios III that they had safely made their own landfall. This leaves us even more eager to get going ourselves—while at the same time we’re having such a wonderful time with friends here, and we’re so busy, it’s almost hard to imagine we’ll be leaving soon.
Ev has been making huge progress on our projects—our diesel has been realigned and had a whole host of stuff done to it (thanks Stew!!). The carbon tillers are built. The dive compressor has its own secure locker, we have reinforced pad eyes for our sea anchor and storm drogue, our spare auto pilot is hooked up… And the list goes on.

Meanwhile I’ve been busy with deadlines—I had a surprise visit from the assignment fairy who brought not one, but three assignments last week. So rather than shopping for food for six months I’ve been researching celebrity honeymoons.
Seriously. Don’t laugh.
The clock is ticking though and the parties are starting to wind down. And most importantly our t-shirts have arrived. So we have to get going…


boatbaby said...

How do you get t-shirts like that made in a jiffy out in your neck of the woods? Reminds me of camp, very cute. Now go already, I wanna see palm trees.

p.s. Funny about the fluff. I remember when I was traveling doing junkets way back when for new movie releases. talk about fluff. And since it was for a kids TV show I was asking A-list celebs questions like "what do you like on your pizza?" and "what's your favorite color." It pays the bills, right?

Ramsay said...

"we’re so busy, it’s almost hard to imagine ..." It is a good thing you added those photos to help our imaginations and reinforce your point :-)

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Hehehe--That was our one day off this week;) I thought pics of us working would be boring:)