March 17, 2011

The job list

When you are just coastal cruising you can let a lot slide. When you are no more than a few days from shelter and never really have to face bad weather (unless you are trying to meet visitors on a particular day...) you can avoid worrying about storm precautions. But on an ocean crossing we have to be a bit more proactive. 

So here's my job list. Most of the big jobs are done. Some of the ones that are still to be done are mostly done but I don't cross them off until complete.

build fiberglass dive compressor box
Autopilot support arm
carbon tillers
helm chair tube stiffening
dorade boxes
surfboard repair
parachute sea anchor strong point
bridgedeck drain clamshells
engine room vent
heater vent guard

battery switch
oil pressure gauge
ST1000 plug
replace watermaker toggle switch

shorten steering wheel
autohelm 3000 install
office chair securing better
office drawer securing better
dinghy lashings
stern drogue chainplates
gooseneck bushings
3rd reef
wooden deck securing better
ham radio secure
GPS secure
aft lkr stbd lazarette vent
splice sea anchor rodes
pull injectors and clean
remark anchor chain
rig inspection
build new battery shelf/strap
re-align engine/check shaft seal
aft cabin window gasket
clean watermaker membrane
setup Pactor for Winlink
ditch bag
mast track gate fabricate
manual bilge pump strum box
epoxy alcohol lkr. Stops
epoxy bow locker locking nut
install diesel 12V pump
MOB flag 
MOB pole drogue
dinghy drogue
galerider clone
stackpack zipper
luggage tag jackline end
inside aft cabin bhd
port mid hull lower


Behan said...

this is so very, very familiar. it almost hurts a little to read! one of the more frustrating times in my life, because most of our projects were outside my sphere. for months, we'd been lulled into feeling we were virtually ready to provision go at any time- i mean, we'd been out cruising a year and a half already, right?! but somehow, the pre-Pacific-crossing list sneaks up on you. as long as you break the chores with sufficient painkillers, shared with friends, it all does seem to work out pretty well. ;-)

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Oh, Behan. Sob.