March 1, 2011

Back to La Cruz

We look like we're in a convoy, or a parade. Just one of a fleet of boats taking advantage of a weather window around Cabo Corrientes that Don Anderson (Summer Passage) pinpointed this am. "It will be as calm as it gets there," he said on the morning net. And clearly from the 5,6, make that 7 boats I can see, several of us listened.
Despite the calm--we're still beating into it. Sailing at 5 knots in light wind and lumpy seas. A whale spouted nearby, but we're all lethargic--a factor of trying to find our sea legs after weeks in the flat lagoon and trying to ease our hearts through a hard goodbye.
Yesterday was sad. We spent the day with Hotspur. Unlike every other day with them, where the laughter and chatter flow freely, yesterday there were lots of sighs and quiet moments. This morning Maia and Carolyne wouldn't let go hands:
"Do you remember when we met?" Maia asked. "Our mother's let us have a sleepover! We never even knew each other!"
"And that silly day. Do you remember that?"
"And your laugh. I love your laugh."
"And our kitchen in the rocks."
"Your funny jokes!"
"We have email." Maia said.
"And skype." Carolyne replied.
"And pictures."
"And memories."
And memories.
I called Meri and told her it was time to pick up Carolyne.
I hugged Meri. And Jim. And thought of when we met. And the adventures we've had. And reminded myself we have email. And skype. And pictures. And memories.
And now we're in a convoy heading north on this round earth. Toward friends we said goodbye to fourteen years ago. And I'm reminded that this goodbye will ease, and that this sadness will gradually fade into the comfort of what's sure to become a long friendship.
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Anonymous said...

Hi I love that it is us you are coming back to La Cruz for! I remember the beat and the saying goodbye...really tough. Thanks for coming our way and can"t wait to give you all a big squeeze! (L)

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

I think I recall you making a wee detour across part of a continent to see us;)