February 26, 2011

There is this Place Called Friendship

We were ready to leave Barra. We, and our dear new friends on Hanacrew, had ‘done’ Barra and we both had reasons to be back to La Cruz. But then Jim, Meri, Tim and Carolyne on Hotspur pulled in, and ‘one more day’ stretched from nights out (which went far later than our children approved of), to inland travel (post to come) and on to the next event (now it’s Carnival!!) and our Wednesday departure came and went without us leaving.

This funny life is filled with unfulfilled friendships—the ones you never quite get to realize as you watch boats sail away, while feeling that dull pang of longing. But sometimes we’re lucky enough that our dreams and plans intersect for a few weeks, or more, and we get to find the kind of friends who will be in our lives for years.

This is something I know.

We want to get to La Cruz because not only are we within weeks of leaving for the South Pacific, we’re meeting old cruising friends there. Almost exactly 14-years-ago to the week--after too many late nights in Barra, an inland trip and long days of planning and sharing our dreams, we said a heart wrenching goodbye to our friends on Running Shoe--as we turned left (headed to Central America) and they turned right (for a break from cruising with a baby).
The Sea of Cortez with Running Shoe

And now we’re meeting them in La Cruz to celebrate their daughter, Coral’s 15th birthday.

Knowing that we can sail away from friends, but still be there for the challenges and changes life brings—makes it easier to say goodbye. But before we go, we’re hoarding experiences and filling every moment we can with friendship sustaining memories: tiny precious moments that make me smile.

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