February 1, 2011

Before the Frenzy

I’ve said it before: real cruising isn’t at all the way it’s shown in your daydreams. There are moments of white sand beaches, perfect sunsets and intimate wildlife encounters—but honestly, if that’s what you want from life, buy a condo somewhere warm, or take a beach holiday.

Cruising is work. And when it’s not work (and not one of those rare sublime moments) it’s waiting. And there’s a lot of waiting: in lines, for parts, for weather to end, for seasons to start…

Right now we’re waiting for a weather window to sail my parents south. Technically we have tons of stuff we could be doing. And if we wait just a few more days there are some very good events going on here. But when you’re waiting, it’s hard to commit to doing something else—even important boat chores.
 When we weren’t busy waiting, we were busy working. Ev installed new dorade vents for increased ventilation in nasty conditions and he replaced one of our wooden tillers (which had worrisome connections to the steering linkage) with a very sexy looking carbon fibre version. Carbon tiller #two will be made soon…. He’s also installing a few sections of toe rails on a part of our deck that’s slanted, touching up paint, filling up ditch bags and making our stern rail sturdier.

While he’s doing that, I’m filling the cruising kitty by writing about summer holidays and heroes, my favourite places in Mexico and earthquakes.

But right now all those projects have been laid aside while we debate whether or not the forecast 20+ knots will really happen tonight, or not. Or whether we should just head out into it and hope for the best. But while we wait it seems impossible to do much of anything so tasks pile up and people get grouchy…

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