April 10, 2010


It wasn't on our agenda for this part of the trip, but it's hard not to enjoy Mazatlan. Considering we were all tired, and pretty grumpy we kept things simple: A visit to the market for provisions and a trip to the fabric store for more craft supplies for Maia (she can keep herself occupied for hours with making tiny beaded lizzards and then building them elaborate homes.)
Maia and Evan picking out sweets at the dulceria

The mercado was much the way we remembered. Unlike the one in Peurto Vallarta, which has been completely given over to tourists wares and is pretty dead as a result. As much as the big cities have their Walmarts, Costcos and Megas--Mexico is still a market culture. We love the fact you can buy anything and everything at a market.
 We've heard from other boats that the sea has settled back down again, maybe too much even, there's not much wind at all. We're off to find fuel and then turn the boat north again. I'll get to those fabled desert islands yet...

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Unknown said...

Think of it as a nice detour. :)