April 14, 2010


I'm sure we'll eventually tire of the aquamarine water, blue skies, sandy beaches and deserts--but for now we're drinking it all in.
Our goal is to snorkel and hike everyday when we're out in the islands (and fit in work, school and boat chores around those;) We've started off well, yesterday we hiked up a hill and through a desert valley to a local beach where we had fish tacos.
 Maia has been fascinated by the desert since her class studied it last year and while we walked she taught us about the life cycle of the Saguaro Cactus. The walk home took us along the beach and gave us the chance to pick out our afternoon snorkel spot. We're still adjusting to the temperature change though--the water is only about 21C, and the 30C days and 20C nights feel almost chilly after PV temps.


boatbaby said...

Ohhhh, ahhhh... very pretty! Happy exploring you three!

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

It is gorgeous here. Today we climbed a cliff and watch a whale breaching out in the channel.