March 2, 2010

Kid Ship

Every now and again I get a glimpse of our cruising life through Maia’s eyes. When it’s not going well she’s more vocal; the whole thing sucks. But right now, right here, it’s just about perfect. She’s free to roam (or scooter) the docks—where she’s met every dog, cat and kid around. The beaches are near, the people are friendly. There are loads of ever-changing kids to play with. And she can have sleepovers every night.

I’ve tried to articulate with other cruising parents just what makes this lifestyle so wonderful for kids. I think what it comes down to is when you’re out here the world becomes kid-sized. The simple things that the adults enjoy—a life that's about repairing boats, finding food, doing laundry, exploring and hanging out—translates into a world where kids are free to be kids.
having a wheelbarrow of candy arrive while you're playing on the beach is as good as it gets

There’s no pressure to get to school on time, there’s no push to be like someone else, and there is no end of new things to experience. But unlike other types of travel, with cruising there is always the comfort and routine of home to fall back on.
It’s not always perfect, but right now, in this moment, it is.


boatbaby said...

Awesome! Zach saw the candy guys and FREAKED! "I want to go THERE!"

Bethany said...

That candy cart is something special! I'm happy she's settling in and I hope the bad times are few and far between.