July 31, 2005

Evan has been off work for 32 days to work on the boat. Before that he worked 10-30+ hrs a week in the three months leading up to our haul out. I decided to compile a list of random stats so you can see how our month looked.

  • Evan took 3 of the 32 days off.
  • We averaged 3.5 people at the boat each day
  • The largest one day work party was 6 people
  • Except for the day we hauled, Evan never worked alone
  • 12 different people came to the boat to help us out - most worked more than 4 days
  • Leighton was at the work site the most frequently, working around 20 days
  • We removed approximately 500 lbs when we took off the old structure
  • We added back about 1200 lbs including the diesel
  • We went through a 55 gallon drum of epoxy
  • We used up 250 yards of fibreglass and 16 sheets of 4X8" foam core
  • It rained on 5 days out of the 32
  • Evan bought 30 icecream bars for our helpers
  • We drank 14 cases of beer and cider and 3 bottles of tequila
  • I made meals for 6 or more 14 times
  • I made meals for 10 or more 4 times
  • Dousing your body liberally with baby powder before grinding fibreglass, then showering with cold water is the best way to combat the itch
  • Three other methods were tried first
  • I did 10 loads of fibreglass dust covered laundry
  • Washing each load twice is the trick
  • We put 20x our normal monthly mileage on the car
  • We used 2 grinders, 3 sanders, 2 drills, 1 jigsaw, 2 skillsaws, 1 reciprocating saw and 1 chainsaw
  • We went through 4 chainsaw blades, dozens of jigsaw blades, 8 grinding discs and 50 sanding discs
  • The only paid professional help we had was the crane operator for lowering and lifting the mast and a machinist who machined our prop coupling
  • Many of our helpers are computer geeks, who needed the business end of a power tool pointed out
  • We have taken 4 rolls of slide film and a few hundred digital pictures
  • Evan had 3-4 demoralizing days and only 2-3 minor setbacks
  • Between us we averaged 8 hours less sleep a night than normal
  • Maia gave up her bed to guests for 10 nights
  • Evan and I are still talking


dennis said...

Now THIS is the kind of information a cruisin', rehabin', beer drinkin' sailor can appreciate.

Dennis (and crew or "Heidi Lynn"

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Hey Dennis,
I'm also doing a series of technical articles, so I need to be careful about not infringing their copyright. You'll have to buy the magazine for the rest of the nitty gritty.

dennis said...


what is the name of magazine? I'll get a copy.

Good to watch your work progress!

dennis (and crew of "Heidi Lynn")

rldgahMg said...

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