July 27, 2005

Inside the cabin is a nice place to work. And we know we are missing a few windows.

So, it seems I may have inadvertently shared our future cruising plans with Evan's office a couple of years before we intended too. Ev sent out my blog link without letting me know - and I had comments on there that he hadn't read through that fully. They may have figured it out anyway, but it is nice to do these things more formally, when it is intended.

In the hope that they hadn't got to it yet, I've sanitized the old blog and am abandoning it. This site is quicker (and potential easier) but my inner geek is still rather un-nurtured and I'm confused about how to post links and stuff.

I will eventually find a way to post our photo link in a prominent place, and even have this fanasty about learning to do some of the "advanced" stuff.

Until then, just bear with me.

Catamaran Pictures: