July 31, 2005

So yesterday wasn't stellar. Ev had a rough go of trying to get the engine running. It involved a bunch of smoke, some sort of short, and liquefied battery cables. Fortunately, Don was there to help unhook stuff because Leighton and Robin just thought the near fire was "cool".

I think Evan had a middle of the night, solution giving, brainwave though. I have a vague recollection of him explaining something...

I am not out there again until Monday. Hopefully, fairing and painting the bottom. Monday is also the last planned work day before splashing on Thurs - but who knows. If Ev is right about the diesel we might get back on track, if not we'll need to hire a mechanic.

Peder and Robin got a good start on the fairing work though. Sanding overhead is definitely not fun - and earns them double boat miles.

Woo hoo -the news from the boat is the engine cranked over today and the starter motor isn't fried, as Ev had worried.

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