July 30, 2005

Up, up with the mast.
The mast went up, then down, then back up again yesterday. The process was virtually drama free. In other areas it wasn't the most productive day - but that was a nice milestone.

I had pictures to post, but seem to have misplaced the camera. I checked the fridge, but only the phone was in there. I'm guessing the stress is getting to us. Fortunately, we are both pretty peaceful with it, just confused. I think I have an idea what we will look like in our dotage though. Two vaguely out of it people, consulting lists that seem to be written in a foreign language, who keep putting the phone in the fridge...

Evan did find the misplaced engine key though. So come Thursday, we won't have to hot wire the engine. It is a bit of a disappointment though, because with "little" Ceilydh, we never did find the key, and breaking in to the boat and hotwiring the engine to get to our going away party is a treasured memory.

We're thinking of buying stock in Tim Hortons. Based on general boatyard surveys, it seems nearly any brand of beer will do, but the donuts have to be Tims...

Photos to come. I hope.

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