August 1, 2005

We can see the first finish line. It looks like we may escape the fate of those who have bitten off a bigger boat project than they have the energy, or pocket book to sustain. This project definitely pushes that edge though. As much as Evan insists we are not building a boat - we pretty much are.

Our goal for this haulout was to keep the duration to no more than a month. In that time we needed to install a fully functional diesel (where no diesel had gone before), take out the rotting mast beam, replace the cockpit and midboat sole, erect a cabin (and get the thing somewhat watertight), fair and paint the underside, get the mast back up and keep within our budget.

Well, 95% of our goal is met, but we are out of time. Ev is back at his job tomorrow and we need to leave for the Island on Friday. The boat needs to go splash, so there are a few late nights left on the agenda.

Today we finished fairing the underside and got a coat of primer on. Ev's dad, Dennis, worked on the diesel - getting it ready to run. Still to do is the finish coat, another coat of bottom paint and sorting out a few mechanical systems.

It was nice for Ev and I to work side by side in a boatyard again. I have missed being fully involved in this project. I even miss being in a boatyard - covered in grime, seeing my work evolve into the finished product.

But I must say - I'm not sure if it is a geographic thing, the difference between sailors and fishermen, or simply that I look more fetching covered in blue dust and paint splatters than white dust and paint splatters, but I received a far higher caliber of propositions when I worked in the boatyard in Annapolis, than I do here.


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dennis said...

ONE MONTH? You are an inspiration for those of us who have delayed (for years) going back to grinding fiberglass and epoxy.

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and, more importantly, THE GOOD SPIRIT!!

dennis k.