August 21, 2005

Back at the dock. Between end of the summer social obligations and post blitz burnout, work has slowed down a bit.

RICHARD WOODS (Our boat's designer) came through Vancouver and spent the day spinning sailors yarns before visiting the boat. He was darn quiet as he assessed the construction site - but did take a ton of photos and has offered feedback and support if we need any.

Rain is still a problem for us (Ev bailed about 20 gallons from the interior after our single rain). But he spent the past couple of days taping up seams and filling in the gaps. Windows and doors are on the agenda for the next few weeks.

The mast is temporally secured. The chainplates are on hold while the cabin is made waterproof. Hopefully the number of PERSONAL WATER CRAFT will reduce on the river after the end of summer. The wakes from all the little boats managed to chafe through the lines holding up the forestay and shake the shackles open on two of the shrouds...


_ Art Epp said...

it's tough building/rebuilding a boat.
lots of time & moeny (usually overbuilt). But it kkeeps the hubby off the streets & out of trouble.
I wish you good fortune (don't sell the house)and good sailing.
Art Epp .. (Aztec Yachts)
p.s. I asume you are located in Vacouver BC

Anonymous said...

Who are these people and why are they posting here?Chemo-free hat pattern over and over again? Whatever.

Anonymous said...

posted a link to your blog a

Click on Projects on the left... 30' cat restoration.