April 2, 2012

Finger Licken Rabbit

Maia was building the snare, Mairen was raiding the garden for lettuce and Gracie was racing between the two looking for a job—she wanted to help make dinner.
When you find a book like this:
 It’s hard not to get inspired and begin to dream of dinners like this:
 Actually, unless you’re under twelve, what you do is flip though the book from front to back, laughing, and hoping to find something to make that doesn’t involve a kangaroo tail, skinning a rabbit, or a medium sized camel.

John, our intrepid Woop Woop host, knew this. So he thumbed through the book—double checked the ingredients for damper—then headed into town and picked up flour and baking powder. Meanwhile we amused the kids by sending them to the orchard to see if they could find any sort of fruit that they recognized.
They didn’t.
Buddha's Hand
Tomato Tree

But they did gather eggs, and picked strawberries from the garden, and when John returned they mixed, and kneaded, and wrapped dough around sticks, and cooked, and waited, and savoured.

 They never even missed the rabbit.


Unknown said...

That Buddha's Hand .... is it a squash, or a pepper? I've never seen such a thing, and it's beautiful. :)

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

It's a type of citrus--smells like a super-powered lemon. Really amazing.

hotspur said...

My Uncle James cooked rabbit once and it smelled terrible. Found out many years later that it was 'chitterlings' - pronounced 'chitlins' where I'm from. Gag me!

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Oh, yuck, Meri. Serves me right for googling it...