August 30, 2010

Women and Cruising

Check it out- we're featured on the "Women and Cruising" Blog!

The site supports and inspires women cruisers, and they've recently started a feature on cruising families. We're one of twelve different families are answering a set of questions about our experiences cruising with children: what are our biggest challenges in going cruising? What's a typical day? How do we handle education?

They're adding a different family every week, and the Ceilydh crew was introduced this past weekend. The Totem crew was featured a few weeks ago too.

You can link to our story, and all the others, from here:

Kathy Parsons is the force behind the site. She did a great job of coming up with interesting questions and finding a good cross section of cruising families to feature.  I hope you enjoy it.

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