July 16, 2010

A Sort of Homecoming

We're home.

Yesterday our arrival back to the boat in Peurto Escondido just felt like a relief. After one ferry ride, two flights, two bus rides (totalling 20 hours) and several cab rides, we were just glad to be back home with the majority of our stuff (Evan had two screw driver bits seized at the airport).

Today though--as we adjust to the heat (was it really this hot when we left? why didn't we notice?), sort through the stuff we brought back (the boat needs to go back on a diet), clean up the mess the cat made while we were gone (uhh, thanks for all the dead stuff, Charlie), and clean up the wasp nest that materialized inside--being home kind of feels like a lot of work...

But it also feels like we're home. The boat may be dirty and chaotic. We may have no fresh food. The temperatures might be causing us to wilt. But there are soaring mountains behind us, blue water beneath us and friends anchored around us.
In a day, or so, I'm sure we'll all being saying how good it is to be back.

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