July 6, 2010

Sailors' Hiatus

You may have caught on to the fact we haven't updated for a bit--the reason is we're not on the boat right now. After a year of cruising it was time to head home for a few weeks--catch-up with friends and family (especially my Nana who just turned 90), and buy stuff.

The trip home was relatively painless, we arranged for someone to care for Charlie and the boat, and then got a lift to the bus and spent 18-hours navigating winding roads while watching shoot-em-up movies in Spanish. I'm pretty sure the Transformer movies don't actually have a plot, in either language. In San Diego we parted ways--Ev and Maia headed straight for Vancouver and I went to Quebec for a conference and a press trip.
Maia made good use of her time at home to enhance her unicycle riding skills
Now we're in Vancouver and our days schedule runs something like this: locate and buy sewing needles, engine parts and watermaker bits. Repair electronics, engine bits and computers. See friends, family and doctors. Send Maia to circus camp. Repeat. It's busy, but lovely to be home amongst so many loving people.
The rushed pace is making me miss the boat a bit though. And the cool weather is definitely making me miss Mexico. We know this will all pass too quickly though and in a matter of days we'll be back 'home' in Mexico. So we're savouring all of it.


boatbaby said...

I would kill for some cool weather right now. We have 5 days in a row of 100 + Chesapeake humidity and of course -- our air conditioner broke. I am wilting.

The Crew of Savannah said...

Hey there. We checked on your boat and it's doing fine. Ocean Voyager is actually going there twice a day. We're out of Escondido now but making our way VERY SLOWLY north. Hope to catch up with you when you get back! Safe travels!