June 19, 2016

Fish for dinner, the Amazon to port

To port lies the Amazon River Delta. Once in awhile the urge to abandon our plans and make a hard left turn kicks in. Sometimes we can yeild to the call of adventure-but this time the wild mystery of the Amazon is going to live as an unfulfilled yearning. I read once that it's not bucket lists that keep us exploring, but unfinshed travels. The sense that if we'd been able to go a little futher, stay a little longer, see one more thing-that the journey would feel complete. So we head out again and again; looking for a fresh view of the familiar, or a sense of belonging somewhere new. Only rarely do we get to stay until we're truly satisfied. We started fishing a few days ago. It is typically me who throws out the lures but with chronic seasickness, thanks to an ear infection, I haven't felt much like fishing. Plus we're in the Saragosso Sea--so sargassum weed tends to choke up a lure almost as soon as it goes in. But with almost 600 miles still to go a fish dinner would be a welcome treat. So I untangled the hand lines, tossed them over and this morning I had an immediate hard hit--which proved my lucky lure was no longer lucky because after the initial strike the line went slack and the lure was gone. Luckily the next lure did the trick and we now have four + meals of Dorado, to help stretch our provisions. Sailing continues to be easy. At night the seas are calm under a bright moon and in the distance a storied river sings her siren's song; urging us to come back. But we sail on.

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