June 10, 2016

Abandon ship rations

In the old days if you had to abandon ship you probably took a cask of ship's biscuits and some salt pork. In more modern times maybe some MRE (Army prepacked meals). But unless you're getting the French rations with those little cans of duck pate, they can be unpleasant to eat. Lifeboat rations need to be high in fats and sugars. Protein is actually bad because it needs about twice as much water to digest. Fats are good because they are calorie dense. But nobody wants to drink a cup of olive oil or eat a stick of butter. You want good tasting food high in fat and sugar, that won't spoil and also keeps up your morale.

Have you guessed what is in our ditch bag yet?

NUTELLA. High in fats and sugar, very tasty, and definitely going to keep up morale. After a long passage you should also pull it out and eat it to make sure it is still good. Replace before next passage.

We could also eat Charlie the cat but that's only if we really got desperate...

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