April 1, 2016

St Helena Bound--day two

It's always a treat when a passage that promises good sailing lives up to the hype. We've been averaging just over 6 knots in winds that are 10-15 from astern (though breezier over night). Feels like we earned this passage after all the adventures of getting across the Indian Ocean to Simon's Town. We're all enjoying the mellow weather and Maia, Charlie the cat and I have only been bothered by mild seasickness. Maia even managed to bake a batch of muffins today.

Once again in this journey around the planet we find ourselves following in Captain Cook's wake. Happily while he was getting "Squally, with Rain; Latter, fresh Gales and Cloudy" on April 25 1771, we have what he likely would have called "gentle breezes and clear weather. Having his log is an interesting way to race him across the ocean almost 245 years later. His best days were about 168 miles--which is similar to our good days in the trades. We seem to do better in the light winds though.

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