August 15, 2013

New camera lens

We got a new camera lens for my birthday in April and I've been remiss in not posting a few photos using it.  It's a Canon EF-S 10-22mm F3.5-4.5.  For non camera geeks that's a ultra wide angle lens for APS-C (smaller than full 35mm size sensor).  In 35mm terms it has the same focal length as a 16-35mm lens.

I can now see why photojournalists would often keep a very wide angle zoom on one body all the time. It can capture a huge scene but is also useful in crowded environments in getting close to a subject and showing their surroundings to give context. Its challenging to use because of perspective distortion at the edges of the frame. But it can give spectacular results. 

This isn't the sharpest example because light levels were falling and I was shooting at 1/15 sec. 
Still pretty decent

Brisbane's New City hall opening

 Woo Hoo.  Capture from deck to masthead without tilting the lens up! 

For those keeping score we're now up to 6 lenses...


boatbaby said...

I just got a wide angle recently too and lurve it like crazy. Mine is an 11-16mm f/ 2.8.
You're right, it's a fun challenge to figure out how to make it work to your advantage in all kinds on scenarios! Have fun!

Behan said...

Oh my goodness, great shots! Covet the super wide angle and wow, nice and crisp. I'm doing a bit o new gear daydreaming... keep me grounded my friends...

Michael Robertson said...

I'm glad you're loving it Diane. We have a Tamran 11-16mm and I use it all the time, indispensible. In fact, my wish list includes a telephoto lens (we have nothing over 50mm)--we got the wide angle before a telephoto. Michael

Anne-Marie Fox said...

Great pictures Diane. I'm a avid read, but first time commenter. We're currently in Fiji and planning on making our way to Brisbane by late October. I was hoping to ask you a few questions re:Brisbane. If you wouldn't mind, please send me an email !

Thanks so much
Anne-Marie Fox
S/V Starship

Sophie Grace said...

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