January 20, 2016

It's really windy here

It's very windy in Simonstown. Here's a snapshot of the past 7 days of wind speeds. These are in km/h so divide by slightly less than 2 to get knots. i.e. 74 km/h = 40 knots. 37 km/h = 20 knots

This weather station is at a lighthouse slightly more than 1 mile from us. It's actually a bit windier in the marina due to some wind funneling affects. We had a day a few days ago where 40 knots was considered a lull. As in "It's lulling 40!", instead of our more usual "it's gusting 25...".

For sailors approaching False Bay, here's the real time link, though sometimes it goes down:


We found the wind acceleration effects started right on the eastern side of False Bay, getting stronger as we approached Simonstown. Earlier in the day we were sailing with 10 knots and as we got into Simonstown it was hitting 25.

Another weather station in case the above one is not working:

This one is from Fish Hoek (a town about 4 miles away from us, on the same side of False Bay).




Hugh said...

I'd love to visit you. Been following for years. Currently in Milnerton, kitesurfing Table Bay.

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Hugh--we'd love to meet. Drop a line to diane at dianeselkirk . com and we'll try to set something up.

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