August 13, 2015

Die Jet Skis Die!

We have been anchored in the beautiful bay of Beau Vallon, enjoying the mountains ashore, the lovely beaches and the cool trade winds blowing from the land.

At about 11 a.m. they unleash the jet skis from shore. Tourists without a clue are given some basic instructions “Try not to hit the anchored sailboats. Have fun!” and pushed out past the mild surf. To say that they are annoying would be charitable.

Do you have what it takes to ride a jetski around and around and around our boat? Take this handy quiz and find out!

1)                  Hitler was:

(a)    misunderstood, mostly
(b)   an evil dictator

2)                  The best way to have fun on a jetski is:

(a)    ride around and around anchored sailboats, trying to soak their laundry with your spray
(b)   head far out into the ocean and stay away from those crowded sailboats

3)                  It would annoy me if somebody rode a dirt bike on my front lawn for a few hours:

(a)    no way – they’re having a great time!
(b)   WTF – get off my lawn you ass!

4)                  The best way to enjoy a peaceful winter landscape is:

(a)    on a Yamaha 3000GXR snowmobile with turbo boosted acceleration. Wee Haa!
(b)   on cross country skis

5)                  When I’m in a nice restaurant I will:

(a)    flick peas across the dining room with my spoon
(b)   enjoy my meal with my dining companions

Add up all your (a) answers. If you got at least 4 (a) answers, you’re ready to ride!


svcapaz said...

Wish we had had your handy little quiz to give to several people in Manzanillo and Opunhu Bay. Do you it would apply to water skiers also? PJ

Anonymous said...

The land version is the powered leaf blower

Lisa Jones said...

If I were to rent again I would consider going with a smaller boat with all the water activities. Just depends on what kind of experience you are looking for, regardless it will be a memorable experience!
JetSki Tours

Anonymous said...

When you are not actaully making the noise, it is never fun, and all too often those making the noise (and waves and spray) dont think that its not fun for those they are continually buzzing. Kind of start wishing they would come off so you can sit and laugh at them, then it would be fun.
A piece of light fishing line from one cruiser to the next could make for some entertainment ;-)