July 11, 2013

Haul out costs

Just a follow up about hauling out costs for a 40' catamaran at Brisbane Marine Industry Park

Lift in and Out. Blocking.   $400

Pressure wash (till it was clean, not by the hour).    $168 (2 guys for about 2 hours)

Each night on the hard. $71

Ladder rental $5/day

Had to buy a 16A DC 240V battery charger to run my 120 V sander via the inverter. $120
About 60 sanding discs.  - already on the boat but probably cost $20 when purchased some time ago
10 L Jotun Seaguardian anti fouling $275 ( wholesale pricing because my company buys $1000s of paint from them ).  Retail is about $450 locally.  10 L gave us 2 very good coats.

 - Evan

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Anonymous said...

Hey, your faithful anon follower here. Just thought you should see this, if you haven't. It's sort of Russian, but inspiring nevertheless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3mQNLTuJRI