January 20, 2013

Summer Nights (and days)

Rainforest hike
 Do you recall when you were a kid how summer seemed to be imbued with a special sort of magic? The days were long, the light was bright and little adventures seemed like big ones?

You’d think for a kid who spent almost three years of her life travelling and exploring during what seemed like an endless summer break that a normal summer holiday, the kind school kids around the world sit at their desks and dream about on rainy days, would disappoint. We haven’t headed out on some fabulous family vacation and there haven’t been cool summer camps; all Maia has are long lazy days, swimming pools, nights with friends and sunshine.

Our search for a waterfall and swimming hole took us to Cedar Creek--though the waterfall has slowed to a trickle a dip in the pools was great
 And oh, that sunshine... Technically it’s rainy season. Statistically December in Brisbane should include enough cloud cover to produce somewhere in the region of  160 mm of rain (we had 50mm—making it the driest in decades and contrasting it dramatically with 2010 when they had 480 mm) and January we’ve had 3mm (compared to an average of 133 mm). And if you missed it, Australia is also in the midst of the hottest heat wave they’ve ever recorded. So it’s hot, it’s dry and the best swimming pool ever is a short dinghy ride away, the evenings are mosquito free and summer is unfolding as it should (minus nagging climate change concerns…)
board games for kids from around the world
 Summertime is working her magic for Maia and as we explore swimming holes, stay up late eating banana splits and start our days slowly I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for the years when our entire life felt like summer vacation. But then I realized the reason these days sparkle a little brighter is because they are fleeting.
Dancing in the cockpit and dinner with friends

This is the time for Maia to experience the delights of ‘normal’ life; the rhythms, the predictability; the long summer days followed by the rush through winter’s busy schedule. And interestingly when you are just visitors to regular life it’s kind of awesome.

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