September 29, 2009

Tsunami is coming, maybe

Seems like we're leaving Crescent City now. Whether we're ready or not. We've been alerted that the Samoa Earthquake Tsunami is making its way across the Pacific as a 2ft wave. Normally this wouldn't be a big worry, but we're in Crescent City - a place that is pretty much Tsunami Central on the coast.
2006 aftermath
Its unfortunate harbour shape has caused it to been pummelled by waves so often that yet another wave barely makes the evening news. A wave that hit in 2006 was described as a fast moving river that surged in and out of the harbour for hours - sinking boats and breaking up docks. The 1964 wave took out 29 city blocks.
1964 aftermath
Crescent City's Port Captain, who suggested the open ocean is a nice safe place to be during a tsunami, is considered a tsunami veteran. Nobody should be a tsunami veteran...

So rather than hanging out and seeing how bad it may, or may not be we've decided to get back with our southbound program and use this as an excuse to head to Eureka. If we’re going to have to spend the night awake watching for waves – we might as well watch the ones that carry us to warmer climes…

Our hearts and thoughts go out to those devestated by the surge and waves.


Unknown said...


Wondering where you got this photo of Crescent City after the Tsunami? I'm actually working on a documentary about the Tsunami and would love to use that picture - haven't seen it before!

Thanks and hope the sailing goes well!


John Ealer

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Hi John,
Here's the source code on that image:

hope that helps.