June 3, 2009

Exciting Plumbing photos for all our fans out there

The propane on demand hot water heater
The "long drop" gravity discharge holding tank. Diane insists that such vulgarity as actually seeing your own excrement drop into the tank is simply "not done" and wants to fit a nice curtain around it.

Evan takes apart a perfectly good Spectra watermaker, with automated timer, automated fresh water flushing, automated salinity detector and more relays, solenoid valves etc. than Chernobyl. He replaces all this with a few extra manual valves and little handheld TDS meter you put under a spigot to test the water. This is the same sort of system as the Volvo RTW race boats use - nothing electrical or electronic to go wrong. Except about 70 pipe joints....

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boatbaby said...

Need some wide shots -- let's see how the whole place looks before you put all of your stuff in there.