July 1, 2007

Progress Pictures:

Due to popular demand (o.k. some friends naggging us...) here are few more photos.

Back cabin door. It's a dutch door so you can open the top part when it's raining or rough and still keep good ventilation. The little 4" overhang over it keeps the rain out nicely. It will look nicer when all painted.

Main saloon table. About 6' x 3' or so. Room for 6 people to sit around it for dinner I suppose. The table legs are ex-windsurfer carbon fiber masts. Very nice und stiff. 1" thick carbon/nomex honeycomb core with 1/32" thick maple veneer laminated to top surface.

This is an example of "Evan gets carried away with himself" or "carbon fiber boat porn". Here I could have bolted on a nice off-the-shelf turning block for the genoa sheet. Not me, no way. Would have taken like 1/2 hour probably.

First I buy this very trick sheave from Harken (a sheave for you landlubbers is like a pulley, without the side plates). Super good deal, high load capacity, Torlon roller bearings etc. but no side plates.

Again I could have done these side plates in aluminum. But no, first I laminate the lower side plate in carbon fiber, molded in place to match the curved solid fiberglass mounting pad. Then pop it off the mounting pad, trim it to shape, and re-glue to mounting pad.

Then make up a foam wedge that has the same profile as the sheave, cover it all in mylar tape, laminate the top side plate in carbon. Let it cure, pop it off, trim it, glue it back in place.

That's where we are today, drilling holes through this fitting for my original sheave. I probably have 3 hours or so into each one of these (1 port and 1 stbd.). Sometimes I'm too clever for my own good.

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