February 3, 2007

Galley Progress

The galley is coming along very nicely. The port side is the more challenging; the counter has an angled bend at the fwd. end, and the fridge had to be built in, and chart table above.

The fridge was built using an old refrigerator liner and insulated all around with 6" of extruded polystyrene. (The pink stuff). Polyurethane foam has a better R value (about 20% better) but over time it absorbs water from condensation very easily and loses insulative value.

In the picture the lockers above the counter will have hinged doors, the ones immediately below will be sliding plexiglass ones, and the lowest ones are open veggie bin lockers (like for potatoes and onions).

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hey, is this all carbon fiber too! Now you're just showing off. You going to put a clear epoxy overcoat so it shows through?
Quite nice, it's really coming along well.