April 3, 2006

I haven't been out at the boat much lately - too busy writing about it to visit. I went out the other day to pace out the cabin with Evan. We worked out the dimensions of the wet locker, sorted out the settee arrangement, and decided how to arrange my office space. We even decided on some 'built-ins' - planning some integrated bookshelves and cubbies into the furniture.

It looks like the furniture will develop quickly. The carbon nomex panels are so easy to use; building furniture is more like an exercise in origami than cabinetry. Evan just makes slices on the inner skin and folds it into shape. The resulting curves look like they came out of a mould.

My goal of a summer sailing holiday may not be the pipe dream I initially thought it was.

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OfficeTYPE said...

Wow, that is some project you've got there. Makes me feel better about any little work we have to do on our boat. We live aboard a 30' sailboat in Toronto.