July 7, 2009

This whole moving aboard thing is taking its toll on me.
I'm not sleeping very well.
I wake up in the middle of the night with disturbing thoughts like, "Why is the boat's engine cutting out when it idles? Do we need a mechanic? What happens if we're going for fuel at a crowded fuel dock and a fisheries opening is called and the engine cuts out and I don't hear it because huge fishing boats are motoring past at high speed, rushing to get to the fishing ground because if they're late they'll lose out and won't be able to make their house payments? Could our boat be damaged?"

That was last night's worry.

The night before it was, 'What happens if someone calls for our Craig's List sofa and they come alone and are really little and need my help to carry the sofa down our 3 flights of stairs? Could I re-injure the torn ligaments in my knee from the strain? And if I do how will I get in and out of the dingy?"

The good news is Evan's incessant googling on the idling problem led him to discover that our engine's governor needed adjusting. He just called to say it's fixed! And the couch was taken by friends last night. So hopefully I'll sleep well tonight.

Although I am concerned that the floor above the port water tank has been creaking and in rough seas a seam could pop and then the whole thing might rupture and then we'd be sloshing around trying to fix it while a freighter, which we may have missed on the radar, bears down on us...

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