July 3, 2009

Moving aboard sounds pretty straight forward. Get rid of all the excess stuff and go. Last time we did it, it really was that easy. This time round I'm not sure if it is because of Maia, the fact that I'm older and less flexible or because we have better stuff - but this time it is so much harder deciding what should go aboard and what should just go away. Normally, when you move from one home to the next, most of your stuff goes with you. Even when you downsize you get to keep your favourite books. But on a light boat, with a waterline that sinks 1/2" for every 350lbs that finds its way aboard, we need to say goodbye to a lot of stuff we like.

And with time ticking we're having a Craig's List fire sale. The only stuff we're storing is some art work, a few baby things of Maia's and charts for the second half of the world.

The rest of it is going.

Well, not the cat.

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