July 29, 2009

It would seem like our life is nothing but fun.
How could you not love sailing in a brisk breeze past gorgeous scenery while sipping boat drinks?

But when you've gotten used to doing everything in a rush, and skip smelling the roses because it's not on the to-do list, it can be hard to kick back and play - even when that is what your life is supposed to be about.

Last time round we did a pretty good job of loafing - but what we almost never did was sail for fun. Our boat was both our home and our car. It wasn't something we took out for a joy ride.

But then one day we realized that the vary thing that made us decide to go offshore sailing (that love of sailing thing) had become a bit of a drudgery. It was the way to get from one adventure to the next, but was rarely the adventure itself.
The best way we've found to remind ourselves how much we love to sail is to take guests out.
So, to mark our first week anniversary of being liveaboard cruisers, we went sailing with eight guests.
Just for the fun of it.

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