January 1, 2012

First Day

 Several years ago we were woken early by our marina neighbours who were taking their boat out for a sail on New Years day. When we asked them what exactly about the wet, blustery day made them want to go sailing they explained that the way you ring in the new year is an indication of how your year will go. And that you should try to do the things you love best, and experience the kind of moments you want filling your life, as the year gets off to a start. “It’s better than a resolution,” they told us “It’s a promise to yourself.”
Brisbane New Year--good friends, good food, laughter...
Since then we always try to put a little thought into the First Day. Rarely are we ambitious enough to head out for a sail or do anything requiring too much mental or physical acuity (and this year was no exception…) but we do try to hit a few high points.
Rona Street Parklands--one of our neighbourhood parks
 Family time—without exception, is important: just a few hours of being a wee family of three, of giggling, and being amazed by us as a team. And then we try to strikeout with good friends on an adventure.
 Adventures don’t need to be huge, or dangerous, or even involve oceans, and this year we simply headed off in search of a park we hadn’t visited yet and meandered down the sunny paths, admiring the gardens and chatting about nothing much while the kids skated circles around us.
It was a gentle start to a new year that I hope will be filled with dear friends, adventures, good health and happy moments together.The rest really is extra.

And you? That dream you’ve been holding onto? Make this year you make steps toward living it. Use these first days to make a promise to yourself to live richly and fully.
Make it an amazing year!

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