January 12, 2012

Cost of Bringing a Cat to Australia

The ugly numbers are below.  If you bring the cat in by boat you have 2 choices:

(a) keep the boat at anchor or on a mooring always while in Australia. Boat is never allowed to go to a marina. Quarantine officers will regularly check out the boat to see if kitty is aboard AND boat is locked up with hatches closed if you are not aboard.. They don't say how regularly, but maybe 1 visit / week or so.  At $180/hr, it wouldn't take long for costs to mount up... And it might be nice to visit a marina or haulout sometime.

(b) put cat in quarantine upon arrival. Only East Coast quarantine station is in Sydney so you might have to make arrangements to get the cat there at hideous extra cost. If you visit some Pacific Islands (I think Cook I and Samoa are on the 'bad' country list,) quarantine time increases to 60 days.  If you are like us and left from Mexico, you have to have the cat rabies vaxed and tested in the US, a not inconsiderable hassle. They won't accept Mexican rabies test results.  Heck they wouldn't accept Canadian rabies test results. The blood went to a US lab.

So we opted to send Cat back to Canada to live with my parents for 11 months, and did paperwork and testing from there, and flew him to Sydney where he was in solitary for 30 days. I flew from Brisbane to Sydney at an unspeakable hour to get him.  Hope you like your cat Maia and Diane!

Fly cat PV to Vancouver 100

Vet Fees, Canada, govt vet  379
Vet Fees, Canada, private vet 339

Air Canada Cargo, Vancouver to Sydney 400

Lodgement Fee 85
Assement Fee 240
Quarantine Entry 15
Document Clearance 40
Vet Exam 80
Kennel 870


Optional Extras
Taxis, to/from Brisbane airport 100
Flight to/from Sydney 213
Cat cargo fee, Sydney to Brisbane 55
Rental car, fuel, meals 100

Grande Total 2916


Anonymous said...

The smile on Maia's face? Priceless


Curious about the Cdn gov't vet cost though - was that for import? It only cost us $20 each to export Maggie and Twm and our private vet didn't charge to fill out export certificate paperwork.

Maggie's blood had to go to USA lab as well. Twm hasn't been tested and it is no longer a requirement to enter the UK. Rules changed as of Jan 1/12

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

I'm not sure the differences in costs... There were at least 4 different vet visits required for him though--including two visits to the Federal vet... Those were def some of the costs we hadn't anticipated.