October 17, 2014

We're going to Indonesia, Man...

 As promised the passage from Darwin to Kupang, Indonesia is slow and leisurely. It's peaceful enough that yesterday (after another great dolphin visit) the wind dropped to nothing and we went for a swim in the open ocean. There's not been much to do on this trip-we practice our Indonesian, read the guide books and on Thanksgiving we had an almost-traditional meal of chicken sausages while reflecting back on our gratitude for our life in Australia.

In Darwin it felt like a race against time and the approaching wet (apparently the thunder squalls started last night…) to get our Indonesian visas and our Australian clearance. While we waited for paperwork we finished off boat chores (now both our front windows are clear and uncrazed), bought more last minute cheese and bacon, visited with the family on Relapse and spent time with the lovely Polish-Canadian couple we first met in Cairns and who are a day or two behind us headed to Kupang.
Darwin turned out to be a great stop (other than the harbour and its big tides and bigger sand flats, which are a huge pain…) we checked out the market, the museum, and the Yacht Club, Sailing Club and Ski Club. Maia had a great time hanging out with the Relapse kids while Evan and I ticked off the boxes of our endless 'leave Australia' checklist (cancel healthcare, cancel phones, change banking details…).
Flying our 'Q' flag and our Indonesian courtesy flag as we make landfall
But now we're at sea and despite the very regular presence of Australian border patrol ships and aircraft, which we've gotten to know well with regular check ins along the Australian coast, the calm conditions make it feel like we're headed somewhere very new.

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Looks lovely and I hope that the calm stays with you for a while. Thanks for sharing the update.