April 3, 2011

Still Rudderless, But Not Without Direction

So what do you do when you’re days from leaving for the South Pacific but still don’t have a rudder? Karaoke of course. But rather than singing the blues—I think we all cut loose a bit. “Born in the USA” is now burned into my memory banks—and may give me mid-ocean nightmares…. Sadly, I’m failing to carry the camera most places these days (I think the spreadsheets are taking up the spot normally reserved for it…) So to get a glimpse of our seriously fun night check out Barb’s blog.
something many of you might never have expected--Ev doing Karaoke (courtesy Whatch Gonna Do)
 As far as boat stuff goes the rudder repair is well underway—and we hope to get it back Monday am. And our other tasks are rapidly being ticked off the list thanks to the endless and unflagging help from Stew and Wendy (not to mention all our boating friends here who have taken up the slack with Maia and supplied me with chocolate for the South Pacific—Tami! I love you!!).

Ev, checking the repair with the machine shop guys
 This week saw us buy a bunch of stuff and sew a bunch of stuff including a galerider type drogue. Evan also finished installing super strong pad eyes for the storm anchor, put in new bilge alarms, painted a few things and did a whole bunch of random little things.

our version of a galerider type drogue
 Next on the list is filling the ditch bag, shopping for our fresh fruits and veggies at the market tonight and picking our weather window. Wednesday is looking good—which happily seems to correspond with our timing for being done…

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